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Hypertension Management

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Hypertension Management

Hypertension Management services offered in Mount Juliet, TN

An estimated 116 million Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure) and rely on medications to keep their condition under control. The hypertension management services at The DNA Diet Club focus on helping to manage your blood pressure through diet. Ashok Mehta, MD, provides genetic and gut biome testing to evaluate the role your gut health plays in your high blood pressure levels. The provider customizes a diet plan for you to follow to manage hypertension and prevent complications. Call the Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office to schedule a hypertension management consultation or book an appointment online today. 

What is hypertension management?

Hypertension describes persistent high blood pressure levels. When the force of your blood against your arteries remains high for too long, it can cause permanent vessel damage and increase your risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders.

The DNA Diet Club offers hypertension management services to lower your blood pressure levels and keep them healthy. The providers use results from DNA genetic testing and gut biome testing to identify what may be contributing to your high blood pressure levels.

How is DNA and gut biome testing used in hypertension management?

Your gut biome contains trillions of microorganisms that support your digestion and overall health. These microorganisms include bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses which live in your gut, intestines, and other parts of your body.

Having too much or too little of certain microorganisms can increase your risk for chronic pain and disease. Gut imbalances contribute to hypertension because the foods you eat can disrupt the balance of the biome, which can increase your blood pressure.

The DNA Diet Club providers offer gut biome testing to evaluate your gut function. They also provide genetic testing to assess your DNA, which influences the makeup of your gut biome.

The providers customize a diet plan program to restore balance in the microorganisms levels in your gut.

What is included in the hypertension management services?

The DNA Diet Club’s customized diet program includes:

  • 1 DNA test kit
  • 1 gut biome test kit
  • 1 45-minute medical consultation
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated health report
  • Personal health coach guidance
  • One-month supply of vitamin supplements
  • Four YouTube videos

To help you make healthier diet choices, you get personalized grocery lists. The providers also give you access to specific recipes through a smartphone app to make meal planning easier.

You work directly with your personal health coach throughout your program to ensure your blood pressure levels are under control and reduce your dependence on medications. Your coach can also recommend lifestyle changes you can make to manage hypertension in the long term.

Call The DNA Diet Club office to schedule a hypertension management appointment or book an appointment online today.