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About The DNA Diet Club

A Private Medical Practice & Weight Management Physician located in Mount Juliet, TN

The DNA Diet Club is an advanced medical practice that provides a customized diet program designed to help you feel your best, increase your energy, and support healthier eating habits. 

Board-certified internal medicine physician Ashok Mehta, MD, designed the program to help adults 20 years old and up in and around Mount Juliet, Tennessee, find relief from chronic pain and symptoms of chronic disease.

Dr. Mehta created The DNA Diet Club when trying to help people get off medications for chronic health issues like hypertension, metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, and chronic fatigue. He learned that changes in the gut biome increased a person’s risk factors for disease and that rebalancing gut health helped keep chronic conditions well-controlled.

Now, The DNA Diet Club provides a revolutionary program to optimize gut health in adults. The futuristic medicine strategy uses information from an individual’s DNA and gut biome to create a healthy, nutritious diet.

The program features gut biome testing and genetic testing kits to identify gut microbe imbalances. The providers can recommend The DNA diet plan for enhanced diabetes and hypertension management, and the practice boasts an impressive 77 percent success rate for weight loss.

In addition to diagnostic testing, the program features a comprehensive medical consultation, one-on-one personal health coaching, artificial intelligence (AI)-generated health report, and a month’s supply of vitamin supplements to improve gut health and support successful weight loss.

Call The DNA Diet Club office in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today to learn more about what your gut says about your health.