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Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain services offered in Mount Juliet, TN

If you can’t manage chronic pain but want to stop relying on medications, it’s time to try the DNA and gut biome diet program available at The DNA Diet Club. Experienced physician Ashok Mehta, MD, customizes a diet program to rebalance your gut biome so that you can find relief from chronic pain. You get access to lists of specific foods and recipes that support your gut health through a convenient smartphone app. Call the Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office to schedule a consultation for chronic pain or book an appointment online today. 

What causes chronic pain?

Chronic pain describes pain that lasts for six months or longer. You can experience chronic pain from acute musculoskeletal injuries or from diseases like:

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)

There is also a direct link between chronic pain and your gut health.

The DNA Diet Club provides a futuristic medicine program that uses information from your gut biome to create a customized diet plan for your needs.

How does gut health contribute to chronic pain?

Within your gut is a biome that contains trillions of microorganisms of different species, including viruses, parasites, bacteria, and fungi. When the biome is out of balance, too much or too little of certain microorganisms can contribute to chronic pain.

For instance, people with fibromyalgia who experience chronic, widespread body pain have different levels of certain bacteria in their gut biome compared to healthy individuals.

To identify imbalances within your gut and restore your gut biome, The DNA Diet Club providers offer DNA and gut biome testing and a customized diet program.

What can I expect using the DNA and gut biome program for chronic pain?

During your initial consultation at The DNA Diet Club, the providers review your medical history and assess the type of pain you have. They provide you with a package that contains:

  • 45-minute medical consultation
  • Personal coach evaluation
  • 1 gut biome test kit
  • 1 DNA testing kit
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated health report

Once your test results are available, the providers discuss how you can improve your diet and lifestyle to support long-term gut health. You also get a personalized grocery list, specific recipes through a smartphone app, and a one-month supply of vitamin supplements that support a healthy gut. Plus, the providers give you access to four YouTube videos.

In addition to restoring balance in your gut biome, your customized diet plan can also reduce gut inflammation that can trigger chronic pain and other digestive issues. The DNA Diet Club providers can also use the same program for weight loss, if appropriate, so that you can achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Call The DNA Diet Club office near you to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for chronic pain or book an appointment online today.