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Chronic Fatigue

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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue services offered in Mount Juliet, TN

If you always feel tired, even after a night of sleep, you may have a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome. At The DNA Diet Club, internal medicine physician Ashok Mehta, MD, created a specialized diet program that uses information about your gut biome and DNA to manage chronic fatigue. The providers customize a program to your specific needs, so you can enjoy more energy and improve your overall health. Call the Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office to schedule a consultation for chronic fatigue or book an appointment online today. 

What causes chronic fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex disorder that causes extreme exhaustion, cognitive dysfunction, dizziness, and muscle or joint pain.

The exact cause of chronic fatigue isn’t well-understood, but your gut health can contribute to the condition. Within your gut are trillions of microorganisms like fungi, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that support the function of your gut and other body systems.

When there’s an imbalance in these microorganisms, you may be at increased risk for chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and chronic diseases. People with chronic fatigue syndrome may have higher or lower levels of certain microorganisms than those that are in good health.

The DNA Diet Club specializes in customized diet plans to ease and prevent symptoms of chronic fatigue. The providers use information from genetic testing and gut biome testing to identify imbalances in your gut health.

When should I seek medical help for chronic fatigue?

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at The DNA Diet Club if you have persistent symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome that you can’t manage on your own. These symptoms can include:

  • Persistent exhaustion
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty thinking
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Waking up tired after a night of sleep

The DNA Diet Club providers offer genetic testing to learn more about your DNA and gut biome testing to determine if there’s an imbalance in the levels of your gut microorganisms.

How do gut biome and DNA testing address chronic fatigue?

After your gut biome and DNA test results are complete, The DNA Diet Club providers can identify what foods you should eat to rebalance your gut biome.

The customized diet plan package includes:

  • 45-minute medical consultation
  • 1 DNA test kit
  • 1 gut biome test kit
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated health report
  • Four YouTube videos
  • Personal health coach guidance
  • One-month supply of vitamin supplements

You also get personalized grocery lists, so you can easily shop for the foods you need to rebalance your gut biome. Specific recipes are available through a smartphone app to make meal prep simple.

Your personal health coach works closely with you throughout your program to monitor your progress. They can recommend lifestyle changes you can make to support your long-term health and keep your chronic fatigue under control.

Call The DNA Diet Club office near you to schedule a consultation for chronic fatigue or book an appointment online today.