Our DNA Diet Program was founded to help those to live a happy and healthy life. Your Gut Health Matters To Us! 

Dr. Ashok Mehta, MD - Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Dr. Ashok Mehta

During my 20+ years of medical practice, I have come across many sick patients that wanted to be healthier, but it was too difficult. I would see them yearly, and they just got sicker and sicker, and needed more medications. So a few years ago, I started asking: “If you had to choose one thing that I could help you with, what would it be?” Every single one of them responded with: “Doc, get me off of these medications, they are killing me!” It took me by surprise. I spent a lot of time thinking about it and trying to find a way to do just that.

Many of my patients were obese. They had diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, which is also known as metabolic syndrome. So, I started looking for ways to help these patients lose weight, as that would help achieve their goals of getting off medication and my goal of making them healthier. I did the 23andMe DNA test and I learned a few things about myself, particularly my genetic predisposition to gain weight. Furthermore, I tested the metabolic portion of my DNA, which led me to change my diet according to my DNA, and to my surprise I lost 18 lbs in 2 months. Due to my success with this, I introduced this to my patients and slowly started to see surprising results, which included not only weight loss but better control of their diabetes, normalization of their blood pressure, and improvement of their cholesterol. During this process, I also learned of the importance of our gut microbiome, or gut bacteria, with regards to inflammation and its effect on health and mood. It is this interaction between our gut microbiome, DNA, and food that can result in good or bad health. If we eat food that supports our genetic traits and our gut microbiome, then we can achieve good health. However, most of our diets are full of highly processed food and animal fat, which leads to proliferation of bad bacteria in our microbiome. This leads to metabolic syndrome and a variety of nutritional deficiencies resulting illnesses. 

Now, we have put together a revolutionary health program called “The DNA Diet Club.” We partnered with a California based company, Digbi Health, led by Ranjan Sinha, Scott Levy, a few others, and me. Our program involves testing a patient’s DNA and their gut microbiome, and then developing customizable recipes for each individual patient, delivered to their fingertip in Digbi Health’s smartphone app. Patients are also coached by a health coach throughout our program. Thus far, we have achieved a 77% success rate in helping our patients lose weight; some of their stories are available on our site. 

Our program will provide you customized recipes, full access to a well known health app to make it easy for you on the go, a free appointment with a Health Coach and weekly check-ins about your progress and free educational videos.

The DNA diet program is the latest technique used to help with weight loss and starting healthy habits! It is completely safe and effective. Contact us today and let your body tell us what you should eat.

Your DNA & Gut Biome Will Guide You