• Study finds changing your gut bacteria may make weight loss easier

    It’s known that changing your diet can also change your gut bacteria, but a new study goes beyond that, finding that your gut bacteria play an important role in how hard or easy it is for you to shed unwanted pounds. The findings suggest that altering your gut bacteria in a beneficial way may make it easier to lose weight for those whose gut microbiomes are making the process harder.
  • A Couple’s Personalized-Care Intervention for Weight-Loss and Diabetes based on DNA and Gut Biome Profiles: A Case Study

     The global prevalence of obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Given the negative strain that obesity and associated chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, put on the healthcare system and the economy, disease management has begun evolving to help individuals change their behaviors. Obesity is often difficult to treat and even harder to maintain. Past studies have failed to show weight loss maintenance over long periods after interventions. To overcome the complexity of obesity, a multifaceted precision care treatment approach should be adopted.