• Distinct Gut Bacterial Communities are Associated with Personality Traits

    New research provides evidence that the four traits (i.e., mental energy and fatigue, physical energy and fatigue) may have unique yet overlapping gut bacteria profiles
  • Study finds changing your gut bacteria may make weight loss easier

    It’s known that changing your diet can also change your gut bacteria, but a new study goes beyond that, finding that your gut bacteria play an important role in how hard or easy it is for you to shed unwanted pounds. The findings suggest that altering your gut bacteria in a beneficial way may make it easier to lose weight for those whose gut microbiomes are making the process harder.
  • Gut bacteria may be responsible for bowel disorders including cancers

    Evidence is mounting that some bowel cancers are caused by bacteria. One microbe seems to trigger a distinct type of mutation in our DNA, which can be seen in up to one in 10 cases of colon cancer.
  • GUT MICROBIOTA, OBESITY Akkermansia muciniphila: the making of

    The gut microbiota has become a new player in the onset and development of metabolic syndrome and its associated pathologies. One gut bacterium that has been positively associated with leanness in mice and humans is Akkermansia muciniphila, which is naturally present in the gut microbiota of healthy people. I have a very special story to tell you about this unique bacteria… 
  • Gut bacteria metabolites reveal new intestinal inflammation treatment

    New Stanford University research has homed in on two specific gut bacteria-produced metabolites that may protect against the intestinal inflammation associated with diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s.